What Will Be Big In SEO During 2017?

Google SEO Predictions for 2017

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As a new year approaches for internet marketing companies, we are going to see more changes happen to search engines. Google, for instance, is known for updating the algorithm they use to rank website results on a regular basis. What can you expect to happen in 2017 so you can know if there are any parts of your site you have to change?

Search-engine Optimization Trend Predictions

The Future is Mobile

Mobile SEO & Internet Marketing

Mobile devices will be more popular than ever, so sites have to be mobile friendly to do well in results. Also, since there are going to be so many people on smartphones and other things that they use to access the Internet, your web pages have to load quickly, so people don’t just back out of the site if it’s taking too long to load. Be aware of the fact that a lot of people have a data allowance each month and your site won’t be as familiar with the mobile crowd if they know your website is not catering to them.

Provide Well-written & Informative Content

On-site search-optimization for content.

Good content is still going to be part of a successful SEO campaign. You cannot just use spun text or articles written by non-native English speakers much any longer. As sites like Google get more advanced, it’s a lot harder to fool them with content that doesn’t make sense, or it is poorly put together. The good news is that you can easily find people to help you create content if you can’t do it yourself and that content will always be one of the biggest parts of SERP ranking instead of fighting to get in the search-results by having the most and best keywords everywhere.

What About Twitter (and Social Media)?


A lot of experts think that Twitter may be bought-out by Google sometime next year. It should happen fast according to some in the SEO industry, and it will make Google different. The way it will differ from the way it is now is that there are going to be more results from Twitter, and your Google+ content stream may also contain relevant tweets. Some people think that another company like Apple may buy Twitter, so it’s not entirely set in stone what will happen, but it is clear that Twitter is going to be sold to the highest bidder.

Change is an Opportunity for Growth

SEO will be different during 2017 so be prepared. When trying to make decisions on what to do with your website, knowing what is going on with search engine companies is crucial. Now that you have come to know more about what to expect in the coming year, it’s not tough to optimize your site accordingly.

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