5 Easy Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

If you want to write more for your website, then guest blogger can be a good solution. Guest blogging is a very effective way to increase visibility and traffic.

It also helps in building relationships with the audience. Guest blogging involves publishing posts for other blogs and accepting posts from other writers. Here are some of the ways you can find guest posting opportunities:

#1 Use personal channel

You must of friends and acquaintances in different industries. They may have their own websites or blogs. Send them an email that you are interested in writing for them.


#2 Use social network

You can get lots of connections in the social network. May be a friend of your friend has a blog where you can write. So, you can communicate with your friend and ask if there is any writing opportunity.


#3 Google

Search for ‘your niche + blogs’; relevant blogs for your industry will show up. Then check if these blogs have a guest post system and start writing for them. You can use ‘Google blog search’ to find relevant blogs.


#4 Communities

There are communities that are built for helping bloggers connect to guest writers. Some such communities include ‘My Blog Guest’, ‘BlogSynergy’, etc.


#5 Craigslist

There are posts on Craigslist where people are looking for bloggers or article writers. You can approach them and tell them that you are going to give them articles for free, except that they need to include your link to their page. You tell them your background and how much authority you have in this industry. You can also put ads on Craigslist saying that you are available for guest posting.


Guest posting is a very effective way of boosting your webpage rank. You should find the best ways to write as a guest bloggers and seize every opportunity that comes in your way.

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