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fbcoverWe provide some specific online marketing solutions that works and that we are best at. Chris is an expert in this area. He loves to take the challenge and can turn any dead business back to life with his online marketing skills. Here are some of the services that Chris’ digital marketing consulting services provide:

Digital Strategy

We have lots of tools for digital marketing. SEO is one of the major tools. We do market research to have a detailed picture about your target audience. We build strategies around your strategies so that no conflict occurs.

We do competitive analysis of your competitors and come up with a plan to outperform them. We understand the importance of content. Content is what guides the user. We help you with providing good content for your website.

Sales Automation

Use of automation services frees you from doing monotonous tasks and focus on creative works. You can use software to insert names and addresses from the database to the letters and envelopes and send to prospective clients. Now, the information of customers is not only limited to name and address.

We now get to know the whole demographic profile of customers through social media and other means. Using sales automation we can send our offers through customized letters to customers and in real time! Through sales automation, your purchase or browsing history is recorded and so next time you browse, you will be presented with products that you might be interested in.

Speaking Engagements

You should engage your customers through speaking or establishing a communication. Customer engagement means creating valuable relationships with them. If you can blend type of media, timing and quantity then you will be able to get the right customer engagement. Also, take the opportunity to speak at different conferences or forums; this way customer credibility increases and they will rely on you more.