Escape Room Review in Las Vegas Of All The Fun Experiences

vegas-escapesThe escape room rage is in full swing in the city of lights, and you’re invited to come and sample one of the many escape rooms situated in Las Vegas. If you’ve never heard of an escape room, then you’re in for a great adventure with friends, co-workers or whatever party you happen to join in on.

The escape room craze started in Japan, where online games turned into reality games. These were originally based on basements from pre-war ruins in Budapest, Hungary and the popularity of the games swept across Europe like wildfire. These games are based on a set of rules which include a map or some kind of clues that require the team to work together to solve so that the inhabitants can escape the lockdown room.

The Number One Escape Room in Las Vegas is one that should be on every escape room enthusiast’s bucket list. This is where stagecraft and gaming expertise stand out from other half-baked attempts to create a truly inspiring and heart-pounding escape room experience. Experience “The Cabin,” where you and a group of friends hike out into the woods and find yourselves lost and made a choice to hunker down in a cabin that’s out in the middle of the woods while a storm creeps in. It turns out you’re not alone, and it will take everyone to get out alive. Another experience includes the Red Riding Hood experience where you and your friends pose as investigators trying to help a murder suspect prove her innocence. It’s a Grimm tale to the extreme as you look for clues to solve the mystery.

Number One Escape Room can be found here:

Number One Escape Room
1775 E Tropicana Ave Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
+1 702-528-1459
Visit them online at

Finally, there’s the Double Crossed experience, where you and a group of friends pose as diamond thieves who get double-crossed by their client, a prison warden and you have to figure your way out of an intake cell so that you can claim what’s yours and get away from the warden’s vice grip. Another escape room scenario is the Sabotage room, where you and a group of friends are tasked by the CIA to prevent a nuclear strike, and you have to break into a top secret military bunker and get security codes to deactivate the device before it launches. Still even more hair-raising is the Subway scenario, where you and a group of friends find yourselves on a runaway train with 30 minutes to find a way to stop it before it crashes. There are more scenarios in the works as the Number One Escape Room in Las Vegas prepares to make you hear race and your stress peak out.

There’s no comparison to the amount of stress that simply washes away from you as you take on one of these incredible experiences, where you put yourself in the present, practicing mindfulness and everything else in your life disappears for a little while. That’s why so many have raved at the fun and excitement that comes from a real escape room experience.

Additional Escape Room experiences in Las Vegas include the Lockdown Rooms, the Xterious Escape room, the Lost Games LV and others which include multiple themes that also provide great fantasy mixed with reality that will engage and thrill its audiences. Check each Escape Room’s age requirements and other details before booking, as some cater to younger audiences, but others are geared solely to adult players. Some Escape Rooms will allow teens under 16 as long as they’re supervised by adults, whereas children under age ten are not allowed at most Escape Rooms.


It’s a great experience for a group of friends, family or co-workers to take on the challenge of going to an Escape Room. There’s no special skill set or physical requirements needed to take part in an escape room experience. For disabled individuals, make sure you inquire with the Escape Room to make sure your needs will be catered. Otherwise, there are no special computer skills or physical skills needed. You just need a general enthusiasm and the ability to add some simple numbers.

The theatrical productions and the suspense-filled atmosphere will get you going as you’re put under pressure to accomplish some mission or find some clues in order to get to the next level of clues or procedures that will help you complete your mission, whether it’s solving a mystery or finding the way out of some type of situation, all while the clock ticks down.

It’s creativity and fun in action, and the statistics show that roughly half of all escape room participant groups actually complete the mission, but all attest to the fun and adventure they find during the event.

All escape rooms are rated by difficulty level, so it’s a good idea to start with a simpler one, but that’s not a requirement.

Once you get the drift of what it takes to solve the puzzles and riddles to move on to solve the big mystery or get your way out of a jam, then it all becomes more and more fun to take part in thinking outside the box and trying new ways of solving problems together.

As long as a group can keep it’s cool under pressure, work together and try everything they can think of to move to the next level, then there’s a good chance that success will come your way and you’ll walk away with some great memories that will last a lifetime.