Want An SEO Boost? Add Sites To Directories!

When you want to be able to help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) as well as your visibility, it is good to set a goal so that you can be included in a few of the quality niche directories that are available today. You should be thinking of your link on such directories as a link that you may earn in any piece of content. It can help to show that you are a real authority, putting your website in front of people in a targeted audience. These are just some of the ways that would help rank your website even with or without the help of an SEO Company.

local SEO listingsOnce again, Google will not want you to be included in just 50 general directories, as this would not help your SEO efforts. However, a few good directories will be a great sign from the perspective of Google bots.

Tip: Before going out and looking for niche directories, you need to be sure that you do a link audit so that you can get rid of any links that are associated with poor directories. Such directories may not have been spammy initially, but they can go sour fast with Google.

Find And Analyze Niche Directories

These are a few tips that you can use to locate the niche directories that you need to analyze their quality:

  • Start off by researching and look for some top keywords. You can then search “directory,” and you should have one page that will be ranking best. Analyze the initial ten with some of the tips that are listed in the following section.
  • Once you type in a search query, simply use the “Find” feature in your browser to look for the word directory. If you are a Mac user, press the Apple key and +F. On a PC, press the Control key and +F, and this will highlight the results that are directories.

Basic Analysis Tips:

Look for directories that have a page authority of about 40. This is starting to become less important with time, but it can still help to offer a good starting benchmark.

Remember that you should not be asked to give any reciprocal link and good directories will have web designs that are engaging. This will mean content, images, and video. It is also possible to find good directories without this kind of content, but many of them will have much more happening than a long list of links.

reciprocal linkingAlways pay attention to the dates that are noted on the directories, as the more recent they are, the better. Look and see other businesses that are in the directory. If they seem spammy, keep on moving regardless of how good the directory may look.

Always be prepared for a lot of quality directories that may ask you to pay a fee. Whether you have to pay a fee or not, it will not guarantee that you have found a great directory. However, this is something that you should keep in the back of your mind. There will be a lot of quality directories that are free of charge, but if you happen to find something asking you to pay, it is not always a scam.

Build Your Quality Links

When you find a great niche directory you like, you need to get your link on the site while also engaging as much as you can with the directory. Submit an article or think about getting involved in comments and discussions that can bring more visibility to your company.

It is worth noting that finding great niche directories will be necessary for generating traffic. Some general directories like DMOZ and Yahoo are good for linking power and visibility, but not always traffic.

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