Want An SEO Boost? Add Sites To Directories!

When you want to be able to help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) as well as your visibility, it is good to set a goal so that you can be included in a few of the quality niche directories that are available today. You should be thinking of your link on such directories as a link that you may earn in any piece of content. It can help to show that you are a real authority, putting your website in front of people in a targeted audience. These are just some of the ways that would help rank your website even with or without the help of an SEO Company.

local SEO listingsOnce again, Google will not want you to be included in just 50 general directories, as this would not help your SEO efforts. However, a few good directories will be a great sign from the perspective of Google bots.

Tip: Before going out and looking for niche directories, you need to be sure that you do a link audit so that you can get rid of any links that are associated with poor directories. Such directories may not have been spammy initially, but they can go sour fast with Google.

Find And Analyze Niche Directories

These are a few tips that you can use to locate the niche directories that you need to analyze their quality:

  • Start off by researching and look for some top keywords. You can then search “directory,” and you should have one page that will be ranking best. Analyze the initial ten with some of the tips that are listed in the following section.
  • Once you type in a search query, simply use the “Find” feature in your browser to look for the word directory. If you are a Mac user, press the Apple key and +F. On a PC, press the Control key and +F, and this will highlight the results that are directories.

Basic Analysis Tips:

Look for directories that have a page authority of about 40. This is starting to become less important with time, but it can still help to offer a good starting benchmark.

Remember that you should not be asked to give any reciprocal link and good directories will have web designs that are engaging. This will mean content, images, and video. It is also possible to find good directories without this kind of content, but many of them will have much more happening than a long list of links.

reciprocal linkingAlways pay attention to the dates that are noted on the directories, as the more recent they are, the better. Look and see other businesses that are in the directory. If they seem spammy, keep on moving regardless of how good the directory may look.

Always be prepared for a lot of quality directories that may ask you to pay a fee. Whether you have to pay a fee or not, it will not guarantee that you have found a great directory. However, this is something that you should keep in the back of your mind. There will be a lot of quality directories that are free of charge, but if you happen to find something asking you to pay, it is not always a scam.

Build Your Quality Links

When you find a great niche directory you like, you need to get your link on the site while also engaging as much as you can with the directory. Submit an article or think about getting involved in comments and discussions that can bring more visibility to your company.

It is worth noting that finding great niche directories will be necessary for generating traffic. Some general directories like DMOZ and Yahoo are good for linking power and visibility, but not always traffic.

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What Will Be Big In SEO During 2017?

Google SEO Predictions for 2017

The following digital marketing and search-related article is provided by CanWest IM located in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit them here.

As a new year approaches for internet marketing companies, we are going to see more changes happen to search engines. Google, for instance, is known for updating the algorithm they use to rank website results on a regular basis. What can you expect to happen in 2017 so you can know if there are any parts of your site you have to change?

Search-engine Optimization Trend Predictions

The Future is Mobile

Mobile SEO & Internet Marketing

Mobile devices will be more popular than ever, so sites have to be mobile friendly to do well in results. Also, since there are going to be so many people on smartphones and other things that they use to access the Internet, your web pages have to load quickly, so people don’t just back out of the site if it’s taking too long to load. Be aware of the fact that a lot of people have a data allowance each month and your site won’t be as familiar with the mobile crowd if they know your website is not catering to them.

Provide Well-written & Informative Content

On-site search-optimization for content.

Good content is still going to be part of a successful SEO campaign. You cannot just use spun text or articles written by non-native English speakers much any longer. As sites like Google get more advanced, it’s a lot harder to fool them with content that doesn’t make sense, or it is poorly put together. The good news is that you can easily find people to help you create content if you can’t do it yourself and that content will always be one of the biggest parts of SERP ranking instead of fighting to get in the search-results by having the most and best keywords everywhere.

What About Twitter (and Social Media)?


A lot of experts think that Twitter may be bought-out by Google sometime next year. It should happen fast according to some in the SEO industry, and it will make Google different. The way it will differ from the way it is now is that there are going to be more results from Twitter, and your Google+ content stream may also contain relevant tweets. Some people think that another company like Apple may buy Twitter, so it’s not entirely set in stone what will happen, but it is clear that Twitter is going to be sold to the highest bidder.

Change is an Opportunity for Growth

SEO will be different during 2017 so be prepared. When trying to make decisions on what to do with your website, knowing what is going on with search engine companies is crucial. Now that you have come to know more about what to expect in the coming year, it’s not tough to optimize your site accordingly.

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Popular Search Engine Optimization Myths

see myths

You will get a lot of information if you assess the online marketing industry. Many of this information will be conflicting making it hard for you to separate spot-on from fiction. The rapid pace at which the digital world is changing makes this challenge, even more, complicated. This phenomenon is remarkably true when it comes to search engine optimization.

At all times, there seem to be new daily updates on the search engine algorithms. There are also constant changes in the best practice and tactics. As a result, the techniques you used one year ago to make a big boost on your website optimization could currently be a crime, and the search engine could penalize your site, or even ban it.

Despite these constant changes on SEO, business owners need to take note of some things that have always been of a whimsical nature. You should not fall prey of these SEO myths!

Popular search engine optimization myths

keyword density

1. The search engine ranking of a site relies entirely on the keyword density.

The number of times a keyword occurs on a page is one of the things considered by many SEO experts. In fact, many believe that there is a magic density capable of securing a top rank for a given keyword which is a misconception, as many of them do not understand how a search engine looks at keywords.

The search engine will give some weight to the keyword when it appeared for the first time. The search engine will notice it when mentioned again and confirm which particular subject of the page. However, if you keep repeating the keyword, the resulting benefits are minimal. In fact, you are exposing yourself to the danger of spamming or keyword stuffing, which could hurt the ranking of your site.

“Of course, you need to include the keyword, but be sure to make the content flow naturally. It should not sound artificial or awkward.” says Sean Whitten, an SEO expert in Vancouver. You can go to the website to find out more.

2. Building links using article marketing

Many people are adding a URL link to their website at the bottom of the articles they publish as a way of creating backlinks. They believe that the links from a resource box will count each time if they publish an article on many sites.

Many people create low-quality articles stuffed with keywords. They get them posted on low-quality websites and article directories. This website will have duplicate content and a low PR rank and thus not the best way to build links. Instead, you should publish high-quality original content and let users link to it naturally.

3. Google use Meta keywords

Google stopped using Meta keywords as many people still think. However, it uses Meta title and description.

google adwords

4. Google ranks Adwords users better in organic search results

Many webmasters believe that you can enrich your natural search results by running Adwords campaigns which are a misconception as the two things are separate and have no effect on each other. In case you encounter better organic ranking following Adword campaigns, your website may be experiencing more traffic flow due to the advertising campaign and more individuals are talking about your content or linking it on social media. Nevertheless, Google does not use their Adwords service to give your website special treatment just because you pay for them.

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5 Easy Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

If you want to write more for your website, then guest blogger can be a good solution. Guest blogging is a very effective way to increase visibility and traffic.

It also helps in building relationships with the audience. Guest blogging involves publishing posts for other blogs and accepting posts from other writers. Here are some of the ways you can find guest posting opportunities:

#1 Use personal channel

You must of friends and acquaintances in different industries. They may have their own websites or blogs. Send them an email that you are interested in writing for them.


#2 Use social network

You can get lots of connections in the social network. May be a friend of your friend has a blog where you can write. So, you can communicate with your friend and ask if there is any writing opportunity.


#3 Google

Search for ‘your niche + blogs’; relevant blogs for your industry will show up. Then check if these blogs have a guest post system and start writing for them. You can use ‘Google blog search’ to find relevant blogs.


#4 Communities

There are communities that are built for helping bloggers connect to guest writers. Some such communities include ‘My Blog Guest’, ‘BlogSynergy’, etc.


#5 Craigslist

There are posts on Craigslist where people are looking for bloggers or article writers. You can approach them and tell them that you are going to give them articles for free, except that they need to include your link to their page. You tell them your background and how much authority you have in this industry. You can also put ads on Craigslist saying that you are available for guest posting.


Guest posting is a very effective way of boosting your webpage rank. You should find the best ways to write as a guest bloggers and seize every opportunity that comes in your way.

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The 7 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

If you ever tried to manipulate Google, you know how hard it is. Maybe you got some fast winnings but then you got penalized? Or you probably tried several different “SEO strategies” and nothing work… Well today, we’re bringing you the 7 most important ranking factors, so that you don’t have to focus on the 200 or 300 that people say Google uses

#1 Placement of keywords

Placing keyword in the title meta tag is very important. The tag gives the actual description of the contents of the pages. It is better to place the keyword at the start of the title tag. You must also include keyword in the description tag and H1 tag. Include keyword in the URL also. Don’t overstuff your page with keywords.

#2 Length of your content

Google always looks for informative content to rank. Longer contents are better, as it means that you will have more information on it.

#3 Duplicate content

Having duplicate content in your pages will affect your page rank negatively. So, you must avoid putting duplicate contents on your pages.
Content updates: Google algorithm likes contents that are updated regularly. So, you have to edit your pages regularly.

#4 Outbound links

Linking your website to authoritative pages signals that your page can be trusted. Using too many outbound links can lower your page rank. Don’t underestimate the power of linking to external, reputable sources.

#5 Internal links

It is important to interlink pages on your site. This allows link power to flow through your site and give authority to the pages that you want to give authority to. If done right, internal linking can be very powerful.

#6 Sitema

A sitemap allows search engine to index all pages on your site. This tells Google what pages your website includes. So make sure you create your sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. This is very important.

#7 Number of linking domains

The number of domains that are linking to your website is one of the most important ranking factors of Google. Links are still a huge part of the algorithm, and they’ll continue to be, so make sure you create great content to have people link out to you.

You should use all or most of these factors when doing SEO for your website. Your Google rankings will increase and so will your traffic. We said Google looks at over 200 factors, and although we don’t focus on most of them, here’s a cool infographic showing you all these factors.

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3 Online Platforms to Grow Your Business Starting Today

In order to reach the maximum number of audience, you need to choose the right platform. Here are some online platforms and mediums that working incredibly well for a lot of businesses around the world. Whether you’re selling socks online or have a local brick and mortar, these fundamental strategies will help your business.

Social media marketing

If you have the right social media platform, it will increase the online presence of your business drastically. Today, more people are finding products or services online. Social media is very effective for increasing traffic to your website and market your business.

Facebook is considered to be the best social media platform for promoting your business. It is a very effective tool for sharing information and content about your business. The key to success in Facebook is to post regularly. You should try using articles, images and videos to attract audiences.

Video marketing

Videos are most often better than words or images. You can use interesting videos to attract customers and increase the visibility of your business. You Tube is the best platform for video marketing. It is the most popular platform for sharing videos.

Your business can use Youtube to launch their products, promote brand, monitor feedback, etc. Youtube has very high reach and so is an excellent marketing tool for your business.


Search engine optimization is a very important and effective tool for digital marketing. It’s not only understanding how Google ranks your page, but also about how people search for products and services. SEO can get you natural traffic that has high chance of converting to actual customers.

So, SEO strategy must be such that your website turns out to be the best result for a customer who is searching for a particular product or service. SEO is content driven. So, you must always have good content on your website.

By combining the power of these 3 platforms and mediums you can really grow your business in a very short period of time. You just have to embrace technology and do the best you can to provide value and move away from the intrusive marketing world that we live in.

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